A Mysterious Mishap

So, my mystery shirts arrived today! I was very excited when I opened the mailbox. When I got home, I promptly wrenched the packaging open to unveil the sweet t-shirt delights inside. I ended up with one of these, which I had actually been thinking of ordering anyway, and the “Rodeosaur” shirt which can be seen about two thirds of the way down here.

Alas, there was a snafu, and they sent me men’s extra large shirts, rather than women’s. Although I am a sizeable lady, I am not that sizeable, so I wrote to complain. (They make this very difficult by not posting contact info on their site, but I took a gander and sent an email to “orders at uneetee dot com.”)

I wasn’t really sure what I expected them to do, since the whole point of the site is limited editions, and they do not accept returns.

To my pleasant surprise, I got an email back within half an hour, asking me to send the shirts back so that they could replace them with the correct size and reimburse me for shipping! Uneetee, you are awesome! Seriously, people, go buy shirts from them. That there is some awesome service. As soon as I can get my lazy ass in gear to go into the City, I will pack those puppies up and send them back.