On Content Filtering

loki wedged between the keyboard and the monitor

I defy anyone to work under these conditions. Loki is a content Nazi to rival any of these new fangled filtering programs. He doesn’t like: loud noise, flashing banner ads, Republican sites, anything which requires me to type, and excessive mousing. Ideally, he lies on the mouse.

He does like: games with bouncing things, Google reader, low classical music, and the Times. As exciting as these things are, they ultimately have limited appeal, especially when I am trying to get actual work done.

close up of loki by the computer

You can’t see it in this picture, because he moved his head at the last second (read: 10 seconds after I clicked “take” on my cellphone), but he has a vicious set of fangs and he’s not afraid to use them. He’s also surprisingly muscular, and will wedge his legs into the desk to prevent me from shifting the keyboard to a more comfortable position.

I am curious to know when someone will develop workarounds for feline based content filtering protocols, and why more companies aren’t taking advantage of this cost effective technology. I’ve tried a number of workaround techniques including manual uninstall, but the tendency for cats to wedge where they are not wanted seems to be fairly universal, especially when they tag team. I also think that using cats for filtering would improve company morale. I mean, if your browsing is going to be censored, it might as well be censored by something soft and fluffy, to distract you from the harsh reality of life.