Island of Adventure

My friend Brendan visited yesterday, and we wandered around the Island in the growing haze and fog. It was awesome to see him again, since I have not clapped eyes on him since he helped me load the U-Haul to move.

palm tree

Brendan also brought his camera along and took some awesome pictures, and I thought I would share some of them with you, dear readers, since I assume that you are as image starved as I am. Don’t get too excited, though, because he took his camera away with him at the end of the day, sadly.

(For anyone interested in technical specifications, the camera was a Canon EOS-10D with a Canon 80-200 f4/L, and yes, I would like one. Very much.)

We started out ambling in the direction of the Administration Building, because I had to pay the rent. The Administration Building is really cool, and is one of the only structures left over from the world’s fair.

bas relief of a god and a plane

It also has a strong aeronautical theme, as evidenced by this god-like cameo and his plane.

plaster pan statue

This was one of the shots I took. I had a rough time giving up the camera afterwards. I thought about throwing Brendan into the Bay and running off into the sunset, but I thought that wouldn’t be very nice. Also, Brendan can run faster than I can.

More pictures tomorrow…I wouldn’t want to overwhelm your minds with a visual feast, after all.

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