Anchors Aweigh


This anchor is outside of one of the Island Creative buildings. There’s also a very large, presumably empty, shell casing next to it. I realize this is probably already apparent to you, but this anchor…is really big. Please note the pipes. Pipes call to everyone, not just me. See!

One of the cool things about the Island is all these empty tanks. Well, maybe I’m the only one who thinks that it is cool.

empty fuel tank abandoned in place

This former diesel tank is right by the water pollution management station. I don’t know about you, but when I hear those words, I imagine them actually dumping pollution into the Bay, rather than treating waste water, which is what actually happens there. Luckily for us, it wasn’t as aromatic as usual on Monday.

Unluckily for us, we actually ended up in a well secured fenced area by accident, with ominous signs which said “high voltage overhead.” It wasn’t fenced in when last I was there, so I didn’t realize how much they didn’t want us to be there until I looked around and realized that we were quite thoroughly fenced in. In a somewhat unusual state of affairs, I found myself climbing a fence to get out of a restricted area, rather than into one. I thought I smelled the faint whiff of an electrical fire as I climbed over, while Brendan took pictures.

But you don’t get to see those.

plaster goddess

Here’s a goddess, instead.

If you’re wondering what the deal with the weird plaster statues is…the Navy dug them up while they were checking for soil contamination. No shit. They were part of the World’s Fair, and apparently somehow got buried in the chaos when the fair was taken down and the base was built. And then they popped up, some sixty years later. I think it’s pretty neat. They are in front of the Administration building. Brendan got a little friendly with the goddess, while I took pictures.

But you don’t get to see those, either.

Instead, I’ll leave you with my favourite sign on Treasure Island:

sign reading genetic reclamation area

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