10 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Me

1. When I read a book, I always open it up to the first chapter, and then I flip back to the title page and read through the Library of Congress data, the dedications, table of contents, and everything else.

2. When I leave the house, I always double check the handle after I lock it. Sometimes I get halfway down the block and I check it again, just in case.

3. I eat the stems of broccoli.

4. I have a very set way of eating artichokes, which is sometimes maddening for other people to watch. I am also very skilled at removing the perilous innards of an artichoke, so that I can get at the heart.

5. I have never owned a swimsuit, but I swim a lot.

6. I don’t like things that crunch, loud noises, perfume, and the smell of hair products.

7. I sleep in the middle of the bed.

8. I hate milk chocolate with a passion which approaches my hatred of crunchy things.

9. I committed a felony once, but the cop wrote me up for 10 miles over instead.

10. I have never been to Mexico, or South America.