Waiting for the 108

So I went into the City today to meet my childhood best friend, since we’ve been living across the Bay from each other for quite some time and have not yet actually seen each other in person since I was living in Fort Bragg. Being a master planner, I figured I would take the 108 into the City half an hour before we were supposed to meet, assuming that I might get stuck in traffic on the Bridge.

We were shooting for 4:15…I was out waiting for the bus at 3:40.

And there I sat, until 4:15. Now, it’s a Friday, and it’s during the day, so the 108 should have come by at 3:45, and again at 4:00. But it didn’t.

When I finally boarded, the bus was packed with people. I believe that Job Corps ends around 4:00, so there was a flock of Job Corps kids on the bus. It was so crowded, in fact, that I could stand without hanging out to anything without fear of falling over, and the bus labored slowly along the route until it got to the second to last stop on the Island proper, at the Job Corps centre.

Now, you understand, I know the frustration of sitting at a stop, waiting for a bus, and having it slide right by. But there were seriously 50 people there waiting for the bus, and the bus was crowded, and as the driver slowed down, a cry of “noooooo” rose from the ranks within the bus. So the driver sped up. And all was well, except for those left behind, who boiled over into the street to express their displeasure.

But really, they needn’t have been so wrought up, because we sat in traffic on the bridge for 20 minutes.

My final arrival time at our meeting place? 4:45.

But we had fun anyway, wandering around the City. It was fun to see an old friend, catch up on various events, tell tales of woe, and wander the City together. I hope that we will be seeing each other more often, now that I’m more established here and she has a regular work schedule in San Francisco, so she cannot hide in the East Bay forever!