I Loathe Comcast

I really do.

They have a stranglehold on our Internet, and it does not work half the time. I was able to get on briefly this morning before it booted me again, and I just now got back on.

Thanks for the day of lost work, Comcast! Yeah! I like it like that.


How is it, exactly, that they have a monopoly on the Island? Some other service provider should totally think about coming out here, because they would make bank off of us. I mean, serious amounts of money. I am fairly certain that 50% of the Island, at least, would switch services for high speed if they were given the choice. I’ve been considering satellite internet because Comcast is getting so bad…or perhaps dialup, which would be slow as hell, but a functional backup for the entire days that my internet is totally unavailable.

I wonder if they have some kind of sweet deal with the Navy, trying to keep us pacified through crappy internet.