Gung Hay Fat Choy

We went to the Chinese New Year parade last night. It was most excellent.

I took about 173 photos with my cell phone, but I have to email them to myself, one by one, as Verizon has crippled the software that would normally allow my phone to sync up with a computer. Also, they came out very poorly. So I may or may not post them. These people took some great photos, if you want to check it out…it’s pretty wild.

At any rate, I ended up getting separated from the crew, which was not really anyone’s fault, really, but did leave me at the corner of Third and Market jostling desperately for position amongst a frantic throng. People behave very strangely at events like this, I must say: as a collective mass, I was pretty disappointed.

For about the first half of the parade, I was standing behind this woman who was incredibly rude, constantly snarking at people for being in her way, and generally making an ass of herself. A very nice cop actually came over and talked to her because she was raising such a scene, and she was rude to the cop, too. I wish she had been arrested. I could not believe her attitude. No parade fun time for her!

I sort of got jostled about by the crowd, and a couple of people stood in front of me so that I couldn’t see, but I really tried to stay in good humour. I mean, no one was intentionally blocking anyone’s view, and we were all out for a good time. The only time I really lost my cool was when I was kneeling in the street and someone stepped on my foot and it hurt, a lot. Like, a lot. I thought my toe might have been broken, and was understandably a bit upset, and a very nice Indian man asked me if I was ok, or needed any help, which was very kind.

But in general, things went well, and it was really fun. I wish more of my pictures had come out, because there were some amazing floats. Lots of dragon dancers, people with fans, cultural delegations from all over Asia, a float of gay parents, an Asian American Donor Association Float, random city officials…it was a good time, and most of the people around me were really nice, mellow, and fun to talk to.

Especially once rude lady left and we all started bagging on her. Yeah.

I love parades…and I tell you what, I really miss living right on the parade route, sitting on my roof watching the parade wander by. I didn’t realize that it got so cutthroat on the ground!

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