Crowded Theatre

The Scarab and I went scavenging in the late afternoon recently, on a day when the evening was balmy and nice, and the sunset was so vivid that even the hoodlums skulking at the bus stop commented on it. While we were walking down Avenue N, I commented on my deep longing to get into the fire training school. It’s one of the few places on the Island that we have not penetrated, and it’s intriguing, and it is presumably filled with hot firemen.

We also have a fire station, which has a really sweet garden. But we were not at the fire station.

Apparently the gods were with us, because when we were walking along the north side, a gate had been left open.

At first we just peeped through it, but emboldened by the lack of humanity, we walked in.

The first thing we saw was this:

fake houses for firefighting practice

The Scarab’s dad is a firefighter, so I was kind of surprised when he looked at the structure and said:

“What the hell is that?”

“It’s probably for fire practice,” I said. “I’ll bet they set the inside on fire and then go put it out. The fake storefronts are for…realism?”

We ambled closer, and the jumble of material inside proved my theory.

fake houses for firefighting practice

We looked around inside a bit, and then popped out to peer around the grounds of the school. There are actually a whole bunch of structures in there which are clearly used for practice. I should start lurking around the school to see if I can catch them setting anything on fire.

I’m not sure who the school is for, exactly. Well, I mean, firefighters, obviously. But I do not know if it is affiliated with the City of San Francisco, or what, although the Internet suggests that it may be part of Cal Maritime Academy. Sometimes I see cars there, and I have been joking about leaving a note on their door:

“Dear hot firefighters. You guys are probably way too cool to use Craiglist, because you are busy learning how to fight fires. Would you like to go on a date sometime?”

Alas, just as we began to truly explore, a man with a cup of coffee appeared. We waved at him and then briskly hoofed it to the other side of the fence before he could realize what was going on. However, the adventure gave us hope for future exploration. I should probably just call and ask if they offer tours, but that would take all of the joy out of it.

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