A Treasure Island Mystery

Over the last couple of months, there has been a frequent and annoying incursion on my enjoyment of life here on the Island, in the form of a noxious youth, not wearing a helmet, on an unmuffled motor scooter. He zips up and down the roads of the Island at all hours of the day or night, and it is extremely loud, and really rather unnecessary. The King has mentioned that he has been strongly considering tossing a brick at the rider’s head the next time he sees him, and Puff and I were talking about stringing some strategically placed wire. We’ve been mean mugging him when we see him, to no avail.

The question I have right now is where he comes from, because it has already been established that he is annoying. Perhaps if we can get to the root of the problem, we can bring it to a merciful end…although given some of the parenting I see on the Island, the solution may not be as simple as having a chat with the youth’s parents.

Lying on my bed in a torpor today, I heard him again, and wondered if he was coming from the Job Corps, since it was right around the time that school for them gets out. I think this is unlikely, because I imagine that the Job Corps has restrictions on personal vehicles, including scooters, and that something like that would be hard to hide. The person obviously lives on the Island, though, because of the frequency, and I’ve also seen more than one person out at once. A single household, maybe, or is the craze spreading.

At the last neighborhood watch meeting, I meant to ask and spaced it. I certainly will ask next time around, because I’m curious to know if he irritates anyone else other than our households, and what we can do about it. One of the things that was mentioned at the last meeting was that, as a group, we have lobbying power that we do not have alone as single households.

The San Francisco Department of the Environment actually has a noise abatement department, which includes a hotline (553.0123) to call for reporting human-caused noise problems, including motor vehicles on public streets. I called them today, just out of curiosity, and got a recording that said “voicemail is currently disabled,” hardly a heartening thing to hear. I’m glad that I finally tracked down the right department, though, as it is the kind of thing that the San Francisco Police Department probably has neither the time nor the inclination to respond to.

Having tossed my share of melons and squash from buildings, I know what happens when a hollow thing with a thin shell hits pavement at force. Maybe Darwin will take care of this one for us.