The Maltese Falcon

Missing? Could it be?

According to this article in the Chronicle, this San Francisco icon is, indeed, missing. John’s Grill has had a long association with the famous film, and owned one of the plaster replicas used in the movie: the owner even tried to buy the “real” Maltese Falcon at one point, but was foiled by the high price.

Many fans of the book visit the grill to see a piece of history, where the book was written and many of the characters were known to drop by for a cup of coffee. Long time patrons just enjoy the atmosphere.

Sadly, some low down loser stole the Maltese Falcon, and the story seems to have caught national attention: which might be good, because it could lead to the return of the falcon.

It is really kind of unfathomable. I mean, the object has no actual monetary value, since it’s made out of plaster, but it obviously has sentimental value to the man who used to own it. I suppose it could be sold as film memorabilia, and someone who didn’t care all that much about provenance could purchase it…but I still think it’s an immense shame that it was stolen. In addition to the falcon itself, the case also contained other memorabilia with sentimental and monetary value, such as signed books by famous authors. Whoever did the job must have had balls, because John’s Grill is a busy sort of place, and you’d think someone would have noticed a thief looting the display case.

A reward is being offered for the recovery of the Maltese Falcon, but if history repeats itself, it will probably drift the globe for awhile before Sam Spade can track it down again.

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