Stumbled Upon

The King recently turned me on to Stumble, an awesome extension which works in several web browsers. Given that it was three in the morning and at a party, I sort of forgot about it, but I must have filed it in an accessible part of my brain because after I finished working today, I started stumbling.

I should warn you that it is highly addictive. Here’s a sampling of things I’ve stumbled upon today:

13 photographs that changed the world is an overview of iconic moments in photography. Oddly enough, someone sent me a postcard with one of them on it today.

One word is a great automatic writing tool. I think I’m going to start doing it every day. An adjunct is one sentence, which I adore. Not just because I write long winded sentences.

Cooking by numbers is a concept I thought of long ago…but these people actually went ahead and did it.

If you’ve ever felt like our problems as a country are insurmountable…this Flash animation has the answer for you.

I have a feeling I’ll be stumbling a lot more in the future…