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Apparently, if you happen to work as a stripper and an on-duty police officer ejaculates on you, you “got what [you] wanted,” because you’re “an overtly sexual person.”

This case disgusts me on so many levels that I do not know where to begin. What’s amazing is that everyone including the jury members agrees that the cop, in fact, did jizz all over some woman that he was stalking, and that he fingered her. The evidence clearly suggests that the police officer was out of line…running plates that belonged to strippers at the club, following her outside of city limits, disabling his GPS so that the station couldn’t tell that he was outside of jurisdiction…and finally, sexually abusing a women who was simply driving home from work.

Only, work happens to be in a strip club, which means that she was a slut who was asking for it. Strippers, you see, are always ready to go, all the time, and usually drunk and hopped on drugs too, so it doesn’t really matter, even if they don’t seem too into it.

This reporting of a blatant abuse of power horrifies me, and it makes me wonder how many other cases just like this go unreported and untried by anyone…this brief sampling from Maxim, of all sources, starts to give you an idea. Cops have a sort of sacred place in our society, because we see them as upholding justice and human rights, as trustworthy authority figures who can do no wrong. Or at least some of us do. Cops, though, are people too, fucked up, evil, nasty people. And that, dear readers, is a very sad thing.

I agree with the prosecutor in the case, who said that “Dancer or not, sexually promiscuous nor not, she had the right not to consent.” I also concur with her sorrow about the outcome of the case, because it is important for cops to learn that they are not above the law: had the man not been a cop, he would be in jail for sexual assault right now. But instead he walks free and smug, ready to abuse another woman.

Good job, American justice system!

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  1. i swear, i haven’t been so sick from reading an article in quite some time.

    i’m just leaving a comment to disagree with your final assessment. one of the saddest parts to me is that its entirely likely that even had he not been a cop, he’d still be getting off free. fucking country. fucking jury of 11 men and 1 woman. her peers my ass.

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