Adopting Special Needs Animals

I noticed a few readers coming here from Google looking for resources on adopting special needs animals, which I think is awesome—taking unique animals into your life is a really excellent thing. Animals are classified as special needs for various reasons. Most have behavioural problems or unique medical needs, and until quite recently, most animal […]

To the random hipster who helped me in the Mission and will probably never read this: thank you, extraordinarily. Your kindness to me tonight means more than you will ever know.

Candy Challenge Installment Two

Last night, we busted out the Cairns Chocolate Fudge: I’m going to be honest with you here, dear readers: I do not think the trip was kind to the fudge, making it difficult to judge fairly. It had turned slightly granular, and there was a large streak of cocoa butter along the bottom, which suggested […]

Candy Challenge Installment One

After issuing the candy challenge, I waited with bated breath for my box to arrive. Bellie let me know that hers had arrived in New Zealand, and I started to wonder when mine would turn up, since she sent hers out around the same time I sent mine. I started haunting the post man, desperate […]

Pillow Fight!

At 5:30, the King, Cap’n Raspberry and I rode into San Francisco on the 108 to attend an organized flash mob pillowfight at Justin Herman Plaza. It had been a long day for all of us, and naps were needed. We ambled down Market towards the Ferry Building, noticing a growing number of individuals toting […]


Apparently, if you happen to work as a stripper and an on-duty police officer ejaculates on you, you “got what [you] wanted,” because you’re “an overtly sexual person.” This case disgusts me on so many levels that I do not know where to begin. What’s amazing is that everyone including the jury members agrees that […]

Candy Review

Apparently my candy arrived in New Zealand, and Bellie has a review of a few pieces up. Alas, it looks like the Kit Kat had a rough trip, as did the Joseph Schmidt truffle bar…but it sounds like they were still edible. I also have a theory about the Ghirardelli, since I also enjoy Green […]

The Maltese Falcon

Missing? Could it be? According to this article in the Chronicle, this San Francisco icon is, indeed, missing. John’s Grill has had a long association with the famous film, and owned one of the plaster replicas used in the movie: the owner even tried to buy the “real” Maltese Falcon at one point, but was […]