Mutant Jelly Babies

Global warming hurts Kenyan farmers…in a surprising way. Link via the Ethicurean.

UPS is San Francisco’s number one parking violator…which is surprising, because I never see double parked delivery vans getting tickets, ever.

British children do not know where their animal products come from. And apparently British eggs have lions and egg timers on them, so that they can have perfect soft boiled eggs. I wonder how American children would score on the same test?

Inspired by “How Much is Inside,” a Cockeyed tradition…

Shrimp are notorious for being difficult to buy sustainably and ethically. A marine educator weighs in with some ways to select shrimp that is good and good for the earth.

A story, about a chicken. I could have told you that chickens develop unique, wonderful, and fun personalities…but I’m not a columnist for Slate, so no one listens.

Terrorism, in real time.