I Saw the Queen Mary

…and it was really big.

Alas, my cellphone was not up to the task, picture wise, but I’m sure there are tons of pictures of it circulating around the internets for your viewing pleasure, dear readers.

But it was…really, really big. And really late. We kept peering at the Bridge, waiting for it to show up, and when it finally did, it was quite a sight. It almost looked like it wouldn’t fit under the bridge, because it was so large. To us, it looked like it was bigger than Alcatraz, although that may have been an optical illusion. We headed into the City before it docked, but apparently it was anchored off the coast of the Island for awhile. I’m sure those on board enjoyed looking at San Francisco’s finest toxic waste dump.

And now I can see I’ve seen some sort of important historical moment, especially if the damn thing sinks.