Cascades of Laughter

The route with the best on-time performance is the 108-Treasure Island, a little-used run that shuttles people across the western span of the Bay Bridge to the Transbay Terminal in the South of Market and back.

This from the Chronicle, which says only 70% of MUNI routes run on time.

Uh…the 108? On time? And little used? It’s the only way for some residents to get off Island, and without it we are trapped…late for work, late for appointments, late for…everything. My friends in the City always add half an hour to my traveling time, thanks to the 108.

As a regular rider, I beg to differ with that on time assesment, in a pretty major way. I’d say that I ride the 108 at all hours…and on all sorts of days, and it is on time about 15% of the time. If that. The other night, we waited in the Trans Bay for over an hour for a bus that was supposed to be coming every twenty minutes, and ended up taking a cab back to the Island, because we could not handle waiting any longer. This is not uncommon.

I’d say, in fact, that majority of the time, the 108 is not even vaguely sort of on time, and whoever did that study is full of the proverbial. Indeed, the 108 is notorious, not only among Island residents, but anyone who has ever ridden the bus, because something which defies belief almost always happens on the 108.

The other night, the driver did not know the route, and we had to guide him across the Island.

Normally I’m actually a big fan of MUNI. I think it has a lot going for it…pretty good coverage of the City, pretty good hours of service…usually I get where I need to go in a reasonable amount of time, assuming I can catch the 108 into the City successfully. It’s relatively clean, the drivers are nice, I’ve never been hassled, really.

But…yeah. The 108. Not on time.

I have watched 108 drivers sleeping their departure time away, skulking in the bus while a mass of humanity throngs outside. The bus runs reasonably on time in the early hours, maybe, but by 3:00 PM, the 108 is catch as catch can, so I’m really dying to know who collected those statistics. It never leaves the Trans Bay on time, unlike, say, the 38.