Candy Challenge Installment Three

I’ve been slacking on the candy reviews, and for this, I apologize…you might have guessed from the size of the box that there was more to come.

cadbury flake luxury bar

Puff and I tried the Cadbury Flake Luxury in the back yard before it started raining, and were quite pleased. I think that I almost prefer the regular Cadbury Flake bar, because it was so much fun to eat. The Luxury isn’t quite as crumbly, because the outer coating of chocolate keeps it from flaking all over the place, and it kind of blends together into a regular chocolate bar consistency, with occasional crackles as you bite into the flaky bits. Still a pretty excellent thing…although I wonder if they do a dark version?

bounty coconut bar

As in Mutiny On The.

I have to admit, I have kind of been saving the Bounty bar, because I thought it would be like a Mounds, and I love Mounds. I was not disappointed: a rich coconut filling with a dense outer layer of delicious dark chocolate that combined for an explosion in my mouth. A tad sweeter than Mounds, I think, although that might have been aftertaste from the Cadbury Flake.

All of my dear readers who have recently spawned may want to avert their eyes for the next one:

jelly babies

It turns out that Bellie was right: I had been eating the wrong sort of jelly babies, and she put me straight. I am now a jelly baby fanatic. I need them, like crack, in all their delicious and multicoloured guises, sweet and gooey and clinging to my teeth suspiciously, hands over their privates for modesty.

I think that the different colors are different flavors. I got a hint of cherry from a red one, orange from an orange one, green apple from the green, grape from the purple, and lemon from the yellow. The flavors kind of blend together, though, so I may be misidentifying them, or assigning American flavor values to their colors. Either way, they fill my heart with joy.

mutant jelly baby

There also was, tragically and inevitably for this day and age, a mutant jelly baby which appeared to be a green and yellow hybrid. Birth defects are on the rise, dear readers.

Either than or miscegenation can have unfortunate and unexpected results sometimes.

tim tams

I also tried a Tim Tam, a delight which has a sort of mythological status here in the United States.

She sent me the Chewy Chocolate Fudge variety, and I have this to say to my Bay Area readers:

There are eight Tim Tams left. If you’re smart, you’ll get in touch with me in the next 24 hours if you want to try one. After that, I can make no guarantees. You have been warned.

No. Seriously. I am all about the Tim Tams. I’m going to try a Tim Tam Slam in a little bit, because it sounds dangerously delicious. I like the biscuit, I like the malted milk, I like the gooey filling…they are sweet, but it’s a right kind of sweet, counteracted by the malted milk flavor, so I’m into it. These things are perilously delicious.

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