Candy Challenge Installment One

After issuing the candy challenge, I waited with bated breath for my box to arrive. Bellie let me know that hers had arrived in New Zealand, and I started to wonder when mine would turn up, since she sent hers out around the same time I sent mine. I started haunting the post man, desperate for news of delicious candy goodness. My eyes filled with sadness every time the mail truck drove by without stopping.

Last night, I wandered back from The Boys at around 11:00, and remembered that I needed to take the garbage to the curb for collection. Trailing feathers everywhere, I hauled the garbage out of the enclosure, and then went back for the recycling. I noticed a small cardboard box perched on one of the support beams, and thought ugh, is it really that much fucking effort to get it into the recycling? I picked it up, preparing to hurl it grumpily into the recycling, when I realized three things:

  1. It was still sealed
  2. It was heavy
  3. It was addressed to me and it was from New Zealand

Woo hoo!

Our postman is dastardly, sneaking packages into hidden places near the garbage. Goodness knows how long it had been sitting there. The box was slightly damp, which suggested to me that it had been there since Monday, probably. Either way, I didn’t have enough energy to do much more other than opening it to make sure everything had arrived, and emailing Bellie to let her know it got here.

box of candy from new zealand

I cracked the hood today to take a closer look at my bounty, which was indeed packed tightly into the box. It included several things, including my old nemesis:

pineapple lumps

I promptly stuck them in my freezer, in accordance with my directions…I’ll give them a shot in a few days, once I’ve worked up the nerve.

I also couldn’t resist trying at least one thing, even though I really am supposed to be working right now. I settled on a Whittakers Sante Dark Chocolate Bar.

whittakers candy bar

I like it. A lot. The flavor was rich and creamy, almost like Hershey’s, but darker and more complex, without that faint flavor of rancid milk that Hershey’s sometimes gets. Perhaps more on the Dove order of things…a mighty fine chocolate bar, either way.

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