Candy Challenge

A reader from New Zealand recently left some comments on the candy report, suggesting that perhaps I had received an unfair sampling of New Zealand chocolate. I wrote her, issuing a candy challenge:

I invite you to send me a box of your favourites, to balance my perspective on New Zealand candies (as long as you send me some hokey pokey, because I rather fancy it and can’t seem to find it here at all). I’ll return in kind with some interesting American candies.

She rose to the challenge, agreeing to send me a sampling of New Zealand chocolates, and today I went into the City to hold up my end of the deal. For once I actually felt justified using my cell phone to document my adventures, as some stores here don’t like you using a camera, for some reason.

aisle at the candy store

Ah, the candy aisle. What a magical, mystical place. With so many things to choose from…it’s rather hard to know where to begin. I know I wanted to get her some locally made chocolates, some American classics, and some of my personal favourites, and I quickly filled up a little blue basket with a sampling.

basket of candies

When I got to the checkout stand, the clerk said:

“Ah, stocking up?”

“No,” I replied, “New Zealand.”

There was an uncomfortable silence after that, until he gave me my total and I fled for the post office.

addressed mail envelope and candies

Sadly, the post office didn’t have any boxes that I could use to send things internationally, so I had to use a priority mail envelope and pack it really well with tissues. I suspect a few bars might get broken in transit, despite my pleas for a “fragile” stamp, but hopefully everything will arrive ok, and reasonably edible.

My New Zealand reader can expect this:

package ready to be mailed

In 4-6 business days!