From Russia With Love

I was having a complicated dream this morning about K and her mother bailing me out of jail, and her mother had gotten a perm, which I must say was an interesting choice, but it actually looked rather nice. At any rate, some part of the dream involved me needing to read something on the […]

Mutant Jelly Babies

Global warming hurts Kenyan farmers…in a surprising way. Link via the Ethicurean. UPS is San Francisco’s number one parking violator…which is surprising, because I never see double parked delivery vans getting tickets, ever. British children do not know where their animal products come from. And apparently British eggs have lions and egg timers on them, […]

Wayward Soul

My friend Danial made a movie about what happens after a zombie uprising. You can watch it here, and I ask you to keep in mind that he developed the concept and shot the film in five hours, which is a pretty impressive feat. Some of his reviewers were a little more harsh than they […]

Sex Me Up

According to this earth shattering study, sexualisation in culture is harmful for young women. Released under the auspices of the American Psychological Association, the study claims that sexual images in film, advertisements, video games, and other media are harming girls. I really cannot imagine where they get this impression. As my readers know, I am […]


This weirds me out on a lot of levels. The idea of breeding a house cat to look like a tiger seems a bit odd to me, but I understand the motivation. Tigers are majestic and beautiful, but they do not make practical house pets: why not create a safe and humane alternative in the […]

Crunch Time

So I was peacefully sitting upstairs this morning, reading the morning news, when a strangled cry of rage floated up the stairs. Being a technologically advanced household, I instant messaged Puff. “What’s up,” I said. And a tale of woe unfolded. You see, Puff, unlike me, actually works out sometimes. When she moved to the […]

Candy Challenge Installment Three

I’ve been slacking on the candy reviews, and for this, I apologize…you might have guessed from the size of the box that there was more to come. Puff and I tried the Cadbury Flake Luxury in the back yard before it started raining, and were quite pleased. I think that I almost prefer the regular […]

Capitalism Man

Some excellent footage taken at the Burning Man offices in San Francisco. It’s a long video, but well worth sitting through, mainly because it makes the Burning Man employees look like childish, insensitive idiots with no social or cultural awareness. (Something I have long suspected of Burning Man attendees in general, actually.) Essentially, a set […]