This Just In

For readers still living in a fantasy world, I thought I should point out that the Pentagon is actively spying on American citizens by seizing banking and credit records.

Also, Barbara Boxer is a closed minded idiot who apparently feels that only people with children can make correct decisions, and that lack of a husband or children automatically makes someone a non-entity, at least when it comes to making choices for our country. God forbid that a single, successful African-American woman be allowed to contribute in any way to national security decisions.

Look. I’m not a big fan of Dr. Rice. I think that she has made some piss poor decisions, and that in a lot of ways, she is a token figure within the Bush administration. However, she does have extensive experience and education: not agreeing with her decisions does not make them invalid. Dr. Rice has travelled a difficult path in a lot of ways: one far more difficult than a middle class white San Francisco millionaire can imagine. She was born in the deep South in an era when African-Americans still had to use “Colored” facilities, and managed to overcome a great deal of adversity.

Dr. Rice’s personal life is not really my business. For all I know, she’s bisexual and polyamorous. If she keeps her personal life out of the workplace, it will never become my business. I certainly would not judge her for the choices she has or hasn’t made. At this time, Dr. Rice apparently has not felt the pull of marriage or childbearing, for whatever reason.

I know it may come as a surprise, but not every American is interested in marriage and children. Even God-fearing Christian children of Reverends. To my mind, that’s just dandy: I don’t want to get married, but I certainly do not push the single life on anyone. Likewise, I am not in the least interested in having children, but I would not push a child free state onto anyone either. This is supposed to be one of the great things about America, that I can make my choices, and you can make yours, and everyone is happy.

Apparently, however, Barbara Boxer does not feel this way. Someone who is unmarried and child free should not be permitted to hold the position of Secretary of State. After all, what could Dr. Rice, who lost a schoolmate to terrorism at age eight, possibly understand about pain and loss? An African-American who lived in the South during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement would of course have no idea of what being in a risky situation or making a tough choice is like. Clearly, because Dr. Rice is single, she has nothing to lose, and really has no interest in or respect for human life.

I am disgusted by Boxer’s words in the Senate, and somewhat ashamed that she represents my state. I certainly do not have a problem with criticizing Dr. Rice: there are a number of valid critiques that could be made about the way she is performing her job. I agree with Boxer that the deployment of additional troops to Iraq would be a great tragedy for a lot of people, and I think Boxer is right to question it, and to put difficult questions to Dr. Rice in particular. But it is not appropriate to criticize Dr. Rice’s personal life, and any attack on her which is based on her marital and childbearing choices is foolish and displays a profound ignorance on the part of Boxer.

I hope that Boxer is intelligent enough to apologize to Dr. Rice for her inappropriate comments and general rudeness during the hearing: I was taught from a pretty young age that it is rude to interrupt people. Maybe Boxer can limit herself to doing her job in the future, rather than trying to establish herself as a superior authority on human suffering just because she’s spawned and picked up a husband.

Being child and husband free is not a crime: being an ignorant ass should be, though.