Saturday Transit Special

While we were taking BART to the Mission the other day, Cap’n Raspberry happened to notice this sign:

israeli promotional image

If you are having trouble because of the image quality, the sign says “Freedom of the Press in the Middle East? Only in Israel.” Just for reference, Israel was ranked 135 on the Freedom of Press Index 2006 by Reporters Sans Frontieres. That would be behind Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority, along with a staggering number of African and South American nations. Numerous violations of press freedom have been recorded in the West Bank, and it is clear that the press in Israel is not, in fact, free. Ah, irony.

We were a bit surprised, to say the least. San Francisco is not exactly a hotbed of pro-Israel sentiment. As it turns out, of course, this is the point. Blue Star Public Relations (“The Jewish Ink Tank”) apparently launched a campaign on BART in late December to make us feel all warm and fuzzy about Israel. I can only hope that the signs spark lively debate, and that someone, er, edits them to make them more accurate. I mean, editing beyond the insertion of Hitler mustaches, which you may not be able to discern in the image.

Slightly sickened, we staggered out into the night.

Later that night, waiting for the 108, we saw this:

bus being towed

Yes. This is a MUNI bus being towed. The tow truck was unbelievably large. The bus was listing to the right, so we surmised that the kneeling bus feature had been damaged.

Will wonders never cease?