Hot Free Coconut Porn

split coconut

That’s right, get your suggestive coconut photographs right here!

Or, uh, go to the Conservatory of Flowers and get your own, probably with better resolution. But you know. That would spoil the fun.

Today I adventured around the City with Haddock, the GM, and the Sardine. I’ve greatly enjoyed roaming the City with them…today we went into the Castro to eat at Nirvana, and then went to the Conservatory of Flowers. We wanted to go somewhere neat, but also warm, because San Francisco is really, really, really, really, FUCKING COLD right now. Even standing outside the car was cold. Cold. Oh, God. So. Cold.

So anyway. The Conservatory. Which curiously allows you to take wheelchairs in, but not strollers.

We started out in the lowland tropics room, where we found that awesome coconut, which is in a display place with some other curiosities. I wish that picture accurately conveyed the true wonder of that coconut…it, uh, yeah. Anyway. We looked at the cacao plant, and a coffee tree, and a vanilla bean, and that was fun.

Then we went into the potted plant room.

orchids in the sf conservatory of flowers

The potted plant room has a rotating display of, uh, potted plants. And pots. But they were pretty awesome. The orchids were amazing, and there were also some scary thorny plants and stuff. I was all about it. There were also bat flowers, which were black and freaky and looked like bats.

We went through into the Special Exhibits room, which has a pretty lame installation right now called “Earth.” It consists of a bunch of random crap jumbled into a room with hokey native American music and blue dots. Everywhere. Blue dots. It was rather unimpressive, all things considered, so we cruised over to the Highland Tropics.

It was pretty cold in there, so we moved on to the Aquatic Plants, my favourite exhibit.

lilies at the sf conservatory of flowers

The Aquatic Plants room has all this amazing iron work, and lilies. Although alas no giant eight foot lilies. But still, some very nice aqautic plants, and this beautiful multi leveled pool which I desperately wanted to dive into.

We wandered back out, and dashed to the car before we froze solid. Once back into the main City, they took me to Bittersweet, which I have decided is my new favourite place on Earth. It’s a cafe totally dedicated to chocolate, which is awesome enough. They have displays of bar chocolate from all over the world, which is a little pricy but looks scrumptious. They also have housemade truffles and treats, and a menu of hot chocolate.

Oh yes. A hot chocolate menu. There are multiple choices ranging from bittersweet to white chocolate: I got a Spicy, which was…amazing. It was rich and super thick, the way I like my hot chocolate, and the pepper made it tangy and spicy and…yeah. It was amazing. I also tried a sip of the GM’s classic, which after the Spicy had a rich, earthy flavor that I really liked. Haddock had a bittersweet, which was indeed bittersweet…and a refreshing change from watery, thin, over sweet hot chocolate.

These guys know their hot chocolate, and it is a beautiful thing to consume.

I think much happy adventuring was had by all. The Sardine was certainly tired by the end of the day, but he was pretty on top of his scene. I can imagine that it would be really frustrating to be an infant, unable to articulate what I want or need and feeling ignored by the people around me. It’s also refreshing to be around someone who speaks his mind, so to speak. No beating around the bush for him: the Sardine says “I’m tired,” and we say “yes, yes you are.” He seemed to really dig the Conservatory, which was really cool, to see him exploring and thinking about all of these new sensations.

Some interesting facts about the Conservatory of Flowers which I thought worthy of note:

  • The Conservatory is the oldest wood and glass Victorian style conservatory in the United States, and was built in 1878…out of a kit.
  • The Conservatory has 1,750 species of plants.
  • Much of the material from the original Conservatory was reused in the renovation which took place in 2000, including stained glass panels and redwood.
  • The upper dome weighs 14.5 tons
  • The Conservatory’s Philodendron speciosum is the largest specimen in cultivation, and is over 100 years old. When the Conservatory was being renovated, it was surrounded by a special structure to protect it, since it could not be uprooted without being damaged.

[Conservatory of Flowers]

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  1. I am reminded that I’m going to include spider orchids in my left forearm ink project somehow or nother. Not sure how yet, but it’s gonna happen. Also mmm spicy chocolate. Capsicum and theobroma go together beautifully. (Of course I think everything is better with cayenne, Tabasco, or Sriracha in it, so.)

  2. Spicy hot chocolate is, like, one of my favourite things in the world. IN THE WORLD. Also, those are great plant photos (and the coconut! Phew!)

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