Fingers in the Pie

There’s a great article in the Chronicle about city wide surveillance. The city council just approved the installation of more spy cams, despite not having any solid evidence that the already existing cameras were perventing crime. So, basically what the city council is saying is that they don’t care about our rights as citizens, and that they find it acceptable to test out new security systems on the populace. Hey, how about having more beat cops? Or an emergency respose system that actually works? Or encouraging neighborhood watch? Nope, cameras must be better.

I loved the property manager who said: “when you’re out in the public, there is no expectation of privacy. This is 2007.” Uh…yeah. Ok, lady. It’s completely unreasonable for citizens to be allowed to go about their business in peace, shopping where they want to shop, and not feeling like their movements are being tracked and recorded. Hey, sometimes people have very good reasons for not wanting everyone to know what they are up to: perfectly normal, law abiding reasons.

Speaking of fingers in pies, it looks like the Guvernator wants California more involved in the primary process, and is pushing for a February 2008 primary. I’m a big supporter of this, actually, because I am tired of the focus being on New Hampshire. California is a really big state, and we face a lot of major issues that also affect the country as a whole. I’d like to see politicians giving California more than lip service, especially since they have no problems taking our money. Really, I think that all states should hold their primaries on the same day, to provide an even spread across the nation, but I know that’s not going to happen.

As the article points out, having an early primary in California would force candidates to talk about important issues like immigration, agriculture, and education…things that all affect us here in California deeply. I suspect that an earlier primary might also encourage more left of center candidates to fight for a place in the election, rather than giving up the ghost in New Hampshire and despairing.

I’m tired of Presidential candidates basically ignoring us. Republicans and Democrats come for fundraisers, the Democratic candidate assumes that he has our electoral votes, and they never return. Pfft. Time for more clout, California!