With Friends Around Us

Yesterday I took a day off and went into San Francisco to meet Haddock, the GM, and the Sardine (who was, let me tell you, remarkably serene throughout our visit for a gentleman of only 4 1/2 months). I met them at the Ferry Building so that we could check out the Farmers’ Market, which is looking a little bedraggled this time of year, although there were some fun foods. Before they arrived, vegans pressed strange product samples on me. It was highly traumatizing. Haddock couldn’t resist a Buddha’s Hand, and I got brussel sprouts. Mmm. Delicious.

Anyway, we wandered around the Ferry Building and checked out Cowgirl Creamery, where an immense amount of cheese was purchased. I got a Mt. Tam, which was a delicious brie-like triple cream soft gooey cheese with a tangy, excellent crust. I ate it on a baguette from Acme, which happens to be next door. Which is, by the way, brilliant product placement. We also popped into Miette, where a gingerbread cupcake was eaten (excellent) and a chocolate cream layer cake with cacao nibs might have been purchased as well.

We departed for Great Eastern, which was quite excellent. An assortment of dim sum and regular dishes were ordered and enjoyed by all. The green beans were spicy and crunchy, just the way I like them. The soy sauce chicken reminded me of a dish The Girlfriend makes, which she serves with a sort of Chinese style salsa, and is really fucking good. Alas, my sore throat (which is rapidly getting worse) prevented me from enjoying the delicious meal nearly as much as I should have.

After lunch, we headed out to the Island so that I could give them the tour. Because of the Sardine, I didn’t want to take them anywhere particularly dangerous or difficult to access, so I showed them Halyburton Court and the swimming pool and we walked out along the sea wall to admire the City. Which is, admittedly, a pretty great thing to see from the seawall at dusk, even when it is cloudy.

I look foward to adventuring with them again—Haddock has an unerring sense for delicious food which is a marvel to watch in action. Hopefully next time I won’t feel like my throat is being eaten by wild wolves who are sprinkling pure capsaicin on it. Ow. Truly. Despite applications of hot tea and honey, I am not a fan of this situation at all.

At the moment, I am deeply torn. I want to eat more delicious delicious cheese, but I don’t want to deal with the intense pain of swallowing. Will my stomach prevail? Only time will tell.