Vacherin Mont D’Or is a delightfully interesting cheese.

Stinky, gooey, and flavorful…just the sort of thing I like.

I found myself eating Vacherin tonight because my father is visiting and a friend of his brought it over along with an assortment of delicious cheeses and olives…a most enjoyable evening to be had by all. For the most part, I enjoy interacting with my father’s friends, because they are from a generation of interesting, well educated, respectful, and thoughtful people. I always learn interesting things from them and always enjoy the time we spend together.

I say usually. This friend is a marked contrast, I must say, from the other friend of my father’s who dropped by and spent the entire time being rude to me.

I had very mixed feelings about this. I mean, to begin with, I think it is generally not cool to be rude to someone in their own home. As a guest, politeness is kind of expected of you, especially when you are supposed to be “older and wiser” than the person hosting you, because in theory this would demonstrate your superior level of maturity. I really cannot imagine any of my youthful thoughtless friends treating a host like I was treated, though…within the first ten minutes of being in my house, she called me stupid, said my spotless home was “amazingly clean for a house where young people live,” and made a host of other lovely comments.

Being a generally direct person, I suggested that perhaps she should leave, since people who insult me are not welcome in my home.

To my amazement, despite the fact that she had been intolerably rude to me beyond the standards of acceptable social behaviour, I was the one who was branded as rude, merely because I requested that she modify her behaviour or leave.

I found this quite fascinating on a number of levels. As usual, the assumption was made that because I am younger, I am somehow less able to comport myself in polite society. Futhermore, it is apparently socially acceptable to treat your house like a piece of garbage if he or she is younger than you, and therefore stupid. When challenged by your host, you are allowed to be even more rude…simply because, being young, your host must therefore be incapable of being right.

I am, needless to say, quite infuriated. I do not invite people over to my home to insult me. Nor do I appreciate it when other people invite people to my home to insult me, and do not remonstrate their unruly guests.

I mean, is this really what “adults” do? Insult young people? Because, if so, I have no interest in adulthood…I’ll stick with my hopelessly rude young friends, who would never dream of arriving at the house of someone they didn’t know very well without a present, and certainly would not spend their entire visit talking trash about the host. My hopelessly rude and socially inept youthful friends would not behave thusly…because usually that type of behaviour is considered to be childish.

So what gives here? Am I seriously expected to accept abuse simply because someone is older than me? Am I supposed to host people who are rude as some sort of learning experience? When is it ever socially acceptable to be rude to your host, and was I out of bounds for asking her to be respectful or leave?

I give up on “polite society,” I really do.

I suppose I’ll go back downstairs and enjoy some more Vacherin. And seethe. Quietly.