Six Hundred

It being 31 December and all, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to cheat by having a “2006 in retrospective” post. After all, a lot happened in 2006, and I intend to celebrate it later in a crowded party full of people I probably don’t know. I imagine that many of you are doing likewise, so, you know, have fun. But not too much fun, and please do not let people drive while intoxicated, adding to the general havoc already in existence on the roads tonight.

So, er, 2006.

In January my faithful old servant died a terrible death. It has recently been resurrected, but at the time I thought our long partnership was over. The Sony put in a good run with me though thick, thin, and poorly edited papers. It sort of felt like a little part of me dying…especially since I replaced it with a desktop and was therefore not actually able to sit in bed on the computer for days at a time.

In February, we went to Glass Beach and found many exciting objects including a fork embedded in the rock. Glass Beach has changed a lot since I was a kid…it was fairly thoroughly picked over, and that is kind of sad. I mean, yes, it is the place where people used to dump garbage, which is kind of gross. But it’s such pretty, pretty garbage now. So pretty, in fact, that people have carried it away in bits and pieces to places all over the world. Which is a little creepy. One hundred years from now, are people going to be scavenging over Fresh Kills?

In March, I found myself a guest at a most peculiar dinner party. I tell you, in my day, when people invited friends over for dinner, they didn’t up and die on the evening of the grand occasion. Really!

The rollicking events of early April were rapidly eclipsed by the loss of a friend. This event changed things for a lot of us, I think. Many of us relocated to different parts of the country or at least pondered our own lives, and difficult choices were made as well. He will be greatly missed.

May brought one of the most perfect days of my life, and marked the first departure.

In June, Mr Bell got to have a fun field trip to anesthesia land, and then a few days of recovery sprawled out on the furniture. I suspect that his recovery time was hastened by all of the Bistro food he stole from me.

In July, the change of hands at Headlands was made official. Although I moved shortly afterwards, my troops on the ground assure me that all is well there, and I suspect that Headlands has many years of good business and better art ahead. I miss Headlands intensely.

In August I went camping at Bloody Rock where my camera died and I nearly did too. It was a most excellent adventure nonetheless, and I would repeat it in a heartbeat, only with more sleep the night before.

In September the Headlands payphone was under threat…although the number has changed, the tradition of the payphone lives on. And will continue to do so, I ardently hope. I also point to this incident as evidence that small town bloggers do make a difference in the communities they live in.

Of course, in October I moved to San Francisco, right after participating in the SF MOMA Scavenger Hunt. A good time was had by all, despite the fact that our point showing was pretty miserable. I particularly enjoyed art class.

November found me wandering the streets of a new city and aging another year.

In December I saw some old friends, ate delicious cheese, and managed to rile up one of my father’s numerous ex-girlfriends, a feat I had not accomplished in quite a long time.

Was it a good year? Honestly, I’m not really certain. It was an interesting and eventful year, and this brief list only highlights other events for me. I’m not sure that I was a particularly good person for bits of it, and I think that people were needlessly cruel to me for other parts. But somewhere in the middle there was a happy medium, a few summer days at the river when none of this seemed terribly important anymore. There are a number of new people I met in the last year, and I’m glad to have them in my life. There are also a number of people whom I knew before, but established better friendships with, and I think that was a good thing as well.

All we can do, as people, is to strive to improve.

Who knows, after all, what the future may bring.

Happy New Year, gentle readers. I look forward to another year of adventuring together.

[New Year]