Sell Out

Well, not quite. We don’t have advertisements yet!

So for readers who have never maintained a website, websites cost a fair amount of money to run. Especially when websites have a lot of visitors, and your hosting service wants you to pay more for devouring their bandwidth. (I know, silly host!) I have really strived to keep this site noncommercial, because it’s an aesthetic that I really value. I don’t like advertisements, and I find them highly distracting. Ultimately, I would also like to be able to dedicate more time to entertaining my readers, rather than engaging in morally dubious slave labor to pay the rent. But right now, I would just be stoked to see this site pay for itself.

This is where you come in, gentle readers. I would greatly aprpeciate support from you. Donations are always welcome to my PayPal account, care of meloukhia at gmail dot com. But sometimes just sending a random person money isn’t enough. For this reason, I’ve experimentally opened a CafePress store, with a few items in it. You can support a website you like, and get something nifty in return. Perhaps you need a totebag with a piece of cake on it, or a 2007 calendar with image highlights of 2006. Or maybe you’ve been dying for a camisole with a picture of a goose on it. We’re going to see how this works out, gentle readers. I am open to suggestions about items you would like to see included, as well.