Yesterday Cap’n Boysenberry and I went on an East Bay adventure.

I’ve been feeling out of sorts all week, not really working, and not doing anything productive around the house either. I stay up until 6:00 and then wake up at one and feel unprepared for life so I wander around the house like a lost soul for a few hours. Yesterday I resolved that I would get back on track, find a damn third roommate already, get some writing done, get to bed at a reasonable hour, and feel like a better person at the end of the day.

As you can tell by the timestamp, this did not happen.

I woke up at 10:00 after sleeping for four hours because I was unable to breathe. I staggered outdoors for some fresh air, which I gasped in desperate gulps. I felt like a fish out of water. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a severe asthma attack, and I didn’t appreciate this one very much. I sat outside and read for a few hours, unwilling and uninclined to go back inside.

Cap’n Boysenberry called in the late afternoon to invite me along, and I decided to join him.

The thing about the East Bay is, you see, that it is really hard to get to from the Island when you don’t have a car. Going into San Francisco is very easy, but going to the East Bay involves taking the 108 into San Francisco and then taking the BART under the Bay. This means that I don’t really go to the East Bay, which I regret because I have friends there that I would like to see.

Cap’n Boysenberry has a car which has been out of commission lately. He recently got it up and running, and decided to take it out for a spin. Our goal was to scavenge and eat, and this goal was accomplished.

But first we went to Home Depot. I have to tell you, I felt like a tragic hipster couple as we looked at plants. He needed some pots, and then we were seduced by giant houseplants. The Cap’n got one for me: his name is Fernando, and he is a majestic example of plantdom. Taller than I, even, although I suppose that’s not saying much.

Then we swung by a bakery to go dumpster diving. It was a fantastic adventure. I’ve never seen so much glorious, glorious bread in one location. We fenced with baguettes! And collected a trunk load of delicious baked goods, which are mostly going into the freezer because we can’t possibly eat them all. The best part was diving headlong into dumpsters full of bread, rolling around in piles of loaves.

After the bakery, we hit a chocolate company, which had some excellent dumpster gleanings. We picked up about forty burlap sacks which had held cacao beans. Not only did they smell delicious, but they had a few nibs in the bottom, which I intend to use for cooking. We also recovered several tubs of chocolate, which I also intend to use in some glorious baking project.

After that, we ate glorious food. I can’t actually remember where we ate, but it was good. This requires further research and a full report.

We headed back across the Bridge with a car full of plants, chocolate, and bread. It was a fantastic adventure, and a good supplement to the day. Productive, in its own way, I suppose. I’m sad we didn’t hit the Berkeley Bowl for produce, though, as I hear the dumpstering there is very good.

Perhaps later today I will do something gratifying and productive.

…or perhaps not.