Negotiating Consent

Apparently some people have taken my thoughts about negotiating consent a little further than I have, with a one page consent form (this file is in .pdf format). Although it seems a little silly, it’s kind of a neat idea. Might as well dispense with the formalities, including establishment of legal age, to begin with. I do think the consent form could use a little more detail to be fully workable, because it is a bit vague. There is certainly wiggle room there for a lot of things.

Although I admit I’d be a little wierded out if someone whipped out one of those babies on me. I probably wouldn’t take it in stride like these two young people would. Perhaps this is the wave of the future, however, with people keeping consent forms and copies of identification on file just like they do at tattoo parlors.

Especially for the young’uns in my readership, printing out a few of these might not be a bad idea. At the very least, I think it would stimulate an interesting conversation…

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