Insomnia Waltz

Since I couldn’t sleep, I thought I would browse through the New York Times Sunday Magazine online, which is normally something I do a little later in the day on Sundays. But I was awake, and I didn’t want to miss more scintillating advice from The Ethicist (who apparently thinks it is ok to print incredibly racist letters comparing African Americans to midgets).

I also noticed a brief about the work of Taryn Simon. The slide show is worth checking out, because she travels to some interesting places and got access to things most of us normally never see. The photographs are stark, compelling, and interesting.

If you have ever wondered what a customs confiscation room looks like, or how the Federal government farms marijuana…now you can know.

I would love to see her out on the Island. I am beginning to think that there is an urgent need for documentation of abandoned military bases, before they decay entirely and slip out of sight and memory.