I think it has been pretty well established at this point that I am a huge fan of Good Vibrations. It’s a sex positive, fun place to be with lots of great toys and an awesome staff who are always very helpful and great at meeting your needs. They also have a series of workshops and other public outreach events to educate people about sexuality, the body, sexual health, and all that fun stuff.

Recently, they launched Good Vibrations Television (GVTV). You can find a list of the episodes here. All of the episodes are under five minutes long, and are really interesting and informative. They have features on safe sex, harnesses, BDSM, the clitoris, and a host of other interesting topics. The quickies have a sweet sort of homemade feel, featuring staff in the stores and on the street interviews.

In addition to introducing people to the range of services Good Vibrations offers, GVTV also is a great educational tool. As if sex education in the schools could ever get this good—they debunk myths about sexuality, talk about how to use cock rings, and discuss various lubricant options. It’s certainly worth checking out and, er, turning your friends on to, no matter what your level of sexual experience is.

I think that open discussion about sexuality is important, and something that doesn’t happen nearly enough in our society. I am hoping to see future episodes covering sex and disability, STIs and an active sex life, and similar issues. It’s refreshing to see the on-street interviews with people who seem to range from looking distinctly uncomfortable about the whole affair to being deeply into it, talking passionately with the interviewers about topics that interest them. I would hope that if nothing else, GVTV will open eyes that were previously closed, and might, er, stimulate some interesting conversations.

It is also, of course, a great way to waste a good hour or two when I should have been working, but that’s beside the point.