Guerrilla Garden

Today Puff and I went on a gardening extravaganza. She didn’t really sleep last night either, and when we woke up, it was decided that the back yard should be tackled. The back yard has been kind of a sore point with us—it was filled with overgrown weeds and lumber when we moved in, and the leasing agency kept promising that it would be fixed…but it wasn’t.

So we got proactive, put on pants, and hurled the lumber over the fence for someone else to deal with. This is my general course of action with a lot of things in life right now, so why not backyard lumber?

Then, I coaxed Cap’n Boysenberry into taking us to Home Depot for plants and planters. Cap’n Raspberry came along as well, although the two of them stayed in the car while we wandered around the garden section. So now I’ve done the heterosexual hipster couple wandering around Home Depot talking about plants thing, and the ambitious lesbian gardening couple wandering around Home Depot talking about plants thing. The staff must assume I’m poly.

We ended up spending around $120, getting six ten inch terracotta pots and four twelve inchers. We used three of the big ones to plant climbing vines: jasmine, passion flower, and something with cool pink flowers. We lined those suckers up against the back fence, staked them, and hoped for the best. I suppose we will need to repot them at some point if we want them to get really big, but I think for now things will go well. We planted lavender in the third pot and put it under the window.

In the small pots, we put an assortment of colorful flowers. We staged them artfully around the back yard, and it looks so much better back there already. The grass is still weedy as all get out, but the plants make it a much nicer place to be. It is my sincere hope that all of them thrive, which means I probably shouldn’t touch them too much. I am hoping that by summer time, the vines will be climbing well and everything else will be in good shape too.

Our next garden adventure, of course, is taming the grass.

Where does the guerrilla part come in, you ask? Let’s just say that our potting soil did not come from Home Depot, and leave it at that.