Google Reader

So, I realized the other day that I was wasting an alarming amount of time trolling through all the websites I check every day. I had been resisting the use of an RSS reader because I am not really an early adopter. This new fangled technology, you know.

Now I am really regretting that choice, because I could have saved an obscene amount of time by not being recalcitrant.

I love Google Reader a whole lot. I am kind of a Google slut—I am sure that there are other great readers out there, but I try to centralize things and Google is very central for me. So yeah, Google Reader. I’m still slowly loading it with all the sites I read, which is going to take awhile, and there are already about 70 feeds going on.

And I love it. I pop on in the morning and just troll through everything new. No more opening up eight million tabs to figure out what is going on in the world: oh no, I can catch up on everything in a central location. If I want to read comments and such, I jump over to the actual post.

I realize that many of my readers already use RSS readers, and are rolling their eyes at this post. But for the rest of you—you really ought to check it out. It’s an excellent time saving device, and most blogs make it super easy for you to subscribe to their RSS feed. (Here’s a link to mine, for example.) I’ve separated the sites I read into categories, allowing me to go through all the food posts at once, all the sexuality posts, etc, which is awesome. It marks things as read after I read them, allowing me to go back at leisure and read things when I feel like it.

And…good God, how much time it saves. Efficiency, thy name is Google Reader.

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