Dapper Drake

This entry is being written on my old Sony, which was recently restored to a usable state by a friend far more computer savvy than I am. I actually willed it to him, but he replaced it with a different computer and wondered if I wanted it back.

I did, actually, I realized. I sort of missed the mobility that a laptop had to offer, so I said “sure, why not.”

It actually made its way back to the Bay Area some time ago with another friend, but it took awhile for the two of us to reunite. Busy, I didn’t have much of a chance to muck about with it today until I booted it up to discover that he had installed Ubuntu on it.

Well heck, I thought, what’s a little Linux between friends?.

So far, I’m liking it a lot. Granted, I’ve only played in the Ubuntu environment for all of a day, really, but I am enjoying it immensely. Graphically, it’s very stripped down and elegant, a trait I really appreciate. Physically, it’s fast, even on this older machine, which is great. When the Sony was running Windows the system was always hopelessly bogged down—now it’s pretty quick for a laptop that I bought in 2000.

It’s also a very user friendly distribution. Given that I know absolutely nothing about it, I was surprised by how quickly I learned to navigate. (Of course, the person who installed it knew what they were doing, which is probably a big help—I’m sure the easy functionality is due to him as much as it is to Ubuntu.)

Of course, I also feel like I’m earning major geek style points, just by using it. I mean, not that this would be the primary reason…but I think I will leave the Sony running Ubuntu, and if I really like it I might see about switching the desktop over as well. There’s really no good reason not to, you know?

As it is, it’s like a neat Christmas present, a retooled old friend.