Cocoa Body Butter: Dumpster Diving Edition

I have begun using the fruits of our scavenging, and decided that the first thing to do involved chocolate. While we were consolidating our find into a single tub, someone noticed the “gross white stuff” mixed in with the chocolate. Aha, I thought, cocoa butter! Cocoa butter will separate out during chocolate processing, and this must have settled to the bottom of a tub, because it formed a solid sheet of the substance.

Here’s what you need to know about cocoa butter: firstly, it’s very good for the skin. The butter is highly nutritious and great for dry or dull skin. Two, cocoa butter is moderately expensive. Three, cocoa butter in the pure form is hard to work with, because it is hard and crumbly. While it can be used straight on the skin, it takes time to work in. Therefore, cocoa body butters are made with a mixture of oils so that they spread well and are easy to work with. Four, cocoa body butter is really expensive.

So I hacked the cocoa butter off the bottom of the block of chocolate into a bowl. Everyone looked at me as though I had gone insane, while I cackled and savaged the chocolate. It was not possible to get all of the chocolate off, so I decided to simply leave it in the resulting product. If I had a camera, I’d post pictures of the process: it was apparently quite entertaining for the bystanders. By the end my hands were slick with cocoa butter and chocolate, and the counter was covered in a crumbly layer of chocolate.

Then I melted the cocoa butter in a double boiler with pure kukui oil. The kukui oil would condition the butter, making it easy to work with. I heated the mixture until it was fully melted, and it turned an even rich brown from the chocolate. I kept it hot for another twenty minutes to temper, and then poured it off into jars, which I put in the fridge to set.

The result?

Cocoa Body Butter: Dumpster Diving Edition

The body butter is soft, creamy, and easy to spread. It worked into my skin really well and left it feeling soft and smooth. In color it is the dark brown of a really good chocolate bar, although the color doesn’t translate to the skin when I use it. It smells delicious and feels yummy: I deem it a success. Chocolate body products also smell good and feel almost foolishly luxurious.

Now all I need to do is start selling it to yuppies.

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