Bikram This

Puff and I woke up at around noon. Still grumpy and filled with anger, I made some toast and pondered what I should do with the day.

“I am going to a yoga class,” she said. “Do you want to come? It’s that kind in a really hot room?”

“Oh, Bikram?”

“Yeah,” she said.

So off we went to Funky Door Yoga Studio to sweat it all out. I had done one Bikram class before, but didn’t really remember it. Essentially, I was starting fresh. Puff had never had a Bikram session, although she was an experienced yogini. We were equipped with towels and stripped down as much as decency would allow.

Walking into the yoga studio, it was hot. I mean, hot. It’s supposed to be between 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was certainly toasty. We walked in a little bit late, but joined in the breathing excercises and then started the standing Asanas. Let me tell you, those things kicked my ass. By the end I was sweating like a pig and my legs had decided to hate me. It felt so very good, though. My whole body started to loosen up and release. I certainly got more flexible, even though I fell out of poses a lot. My breathing steadied, and I could feel my anger melting away.

We moved down to the floor after a short break in which I downed about half a Nalgene. The floor excercises were much more comfortable for me. I was still sweating, and it was still hard work, but it felt…really good. I could feel my body stretching out, and the increased flexibility was amazing. By the end, I was so tired I could barely move, and lay on the floor to rest for what felt like forever.

Walking out, I felt great. Tired, for sure, but also energized and really healthy. I felt…clean and renewed. I think this is a yoga practice I want to adopt, because it made me feel so very excellent. I emerged grounded and very centered on myself and my own practice. External things just…didn’t seem as important.

I also felt comfortable at Funky Door, although I didn’t like the lobby music. Our instructor was Mark, who was really awesome. He made me feel secure even at my low level of experience, and made the class very enjoyable for me. I’m looking forward to working with him much, much more, and to improving as a person.

Am I still pissed off? Well, yeah, but I had about eight hours today where I felt really, really good. And I’m looking forward to doing it again. Soon.