Seven November has dawned grey and gloomy, but that shouldn’t stop you from voting, unless you’re already turned in an absentee ballot.

There are important measures, such as Proposition 85, on the ballot in California as well as elsewhere today. If you’re a California reader, please vote no on Proposition 85.

If you live in Wisconsin, Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arizona, or South Dakota, please vote against the gay marriage bans being proposed in your state.

Please go out and vote, as well as making note of irregularities you experience at the polls. If you feel you are unfairly treated or that your vote is at risk of not being counted, lodge your complaints with polling officials in writing.

Polling places are open seven to eight, and all counties have a polling place locator if you are uncertain about where to vote. You are also legally permitted time off from work to vote, if you need it, although you should coordinate with other staff if possible.

Vote! Voting is sexy! Come on, people!