The Best Cooking Show Ever

Cap’n Raspberry introduced me to the best cooking show ever last night, and I demand that you go check it out. Seriously. I’ll wait. There aren’t that many episodes, and the star of the show is an octopus named Tako. Guest stars include Britney Spears and a killer King Shrimp. I almost peed my pants during the shrimp episode, actually. The show combines food with entertainment in a way that is greatly endearing to me, as some of my favorite gastronomists are also humourists.

Since the episodes date from 2001, I am guessing that the show is now defunct, which is a major bummer. The recent release of a book makes me suspect that the site is going to amp up again, which would be awesome. I am really hoping that the site will revitalize and more shows will start getting posted, because in addition to being funny, they are really good. I’m addicted, and I demand at least a weekly episode, damnit. Each episode is very informative, and the recipes are very good. They also integrate a click interface, where information pops up in the sidebar and you can click on it to get more detail, which I think is brilliant.

The authors are talented, not just at humour but also in the kitchen, and it shows. Deep Fried Live kind of reminds me of Alton Brown, because it covers a great deal of food science and information in a really fun, accessible way. The turkey deep frying episode inspired me to try and attempt the dream this Thanksgiving, assuming Puff lets me. The Cap’n is convinced that me+deep fryer=disaster of epic proportions, but I disagree.

I just finished rewatching the steak episode, and I love that they provide a chart of all the cuts of meat, talking about what makes a quality cut and how to identify good meat. There’s a great informational sidebar on marbling. And I’ve decided that beer can chicken is in my near future, because I love chicken and I love beer, and that combination sounds ideal. It is also apparently possible to cook a beer can chicken in the oven, which is fantastic. Puff got all excited too, especially when I mentioned beer gravy.

I take playing with food very seriously, and I’m pleased to see that someone else does too.

Tonight: the eggnog adventure begins!

[Deep Fried Live]