Sounds About Right

The eggnog report!

So last night after meeting one in a string of wierd people on Craigslist interested in renting one of our rooms (more on this later), we decided to make eggnog to celebrate…er…something. The sun. Yeah, that’s it. It was sunny yesterday. And, uhm, stuff. I mean, I realize that last night wasn’t that long ago, and technically I suppose I could say tonight, but eggnog was made on Wednesday, and now it is Thursday, and, uhm, yeah.

We had an eggnog preview the night before, when I busted out the storebought, which everyone thought was pretty great. But I assured them that home made eggnog would knock their socks off so throughly that they wouldn’t even comprehend what had happened. The troops were skeptical at first, but I was confident that I could win them over.

Cap’n Boysenberry and the Scarab came over for noggy goodness while Cap’n Raspberry skulked at home, and I turned to the Joy of Cooking, my infallible cooking resource. I was shocked to see a recipe for cooked eggnog, which I ignored in favor of the traditional style recipe…which claimed to make enough for forty servings.

Not needing forty servings, I decided to shrink the recipe a little, and it was easiest to simply quarter it. Making it any smaller than that involved some kind of wild fraction I couldn’t even wrap my head around. Here is the quartered recipe, for those interested, which by the way serves four eggnog lovers perfectly.

Beat three egg yolks until pale in color before adding several reasonably sized shakes of confectioners sugar. (The full recipe called for a pound of sugar. I, uhm, don’t have kitchen scales, hint hint, so I resorted to the eyeball method.) Blend this and slowly add two cups of heavy cream. (Yes, and shut up.) Add one half cup booze of your choice. I went for brandy because it’s what we had around the house. Set aside.

Beat three egg whites into stiff peaks and fold into the yolk/cream mixture.

Dispense into glasses, sprinkle with nutmeg, enjoy.

The verdict seemed to be one of all around pleasure. Puff said “it’s like a latte!” The Scarab was initially hesitant but got into it about halfway through (presumably when he hit the brandy, which settled to the bottom). Cap’n Boysenberry finished his and quested around the kitchen for seconds, instead landing upon a batch of the best cookies ever with an additional secret ingredient which has rendered them ambrosial.

All in all, I think it is safe to say that traditional eggnog will be made again this winter, perhaps frequently. I had forgotten how insanely rich it is, so I’m thinking it should be a treat in moderation. But it really doesn’t compare to the storebought shlock. It’s light and frothy, tingling on the tongue joyfully, instead of being heavy and dense like storebought nog. In addition, I like to walk on the wild side, eating raw eggs and all.

Remember kids, friends don’t let friends eat safe, but shitty tasting, foods. It’s all about food as an adventure, an experience to remember. It’s also all about buying new pants every November due to excessive eggnog, pumpkin pie, and mashed potato consumption. For me, the entire month is just a warm up for Thanksgiving, when I’ll really go all out.

Oh…and about Christmas…we’re totally roasting a goose. Although we might have to nab it with a slingshot because firearms aren’t allowed on Island.