It is precisely because all is transient that even mute trees put forth blossoms in springtime and in autumn shed brown leaves.

The air of the Island tonight smelled like sushi rice while I walked home through the fog, my slippers clattering on the damp pavement and the sound being swallowed by the night. The Island is never truly asleep but it seemed to be breathing a long sigh as I ambled, drunk on Scrabble success (a bingo for “traitors”) and musing on the fates.

On this day I was born, once.

Life, the universe, happiness.

Last night we went on an Indian food adventure, the Cap’ns and Puff and I, and I glutted on cheap and delicious food and I rejoiced to live in a place where cheap, delicious food is readily available. With friends around me I nibbled on samosas the size of my fist and the air was filled with smoke and loud Indian pop music and I thought “yes, this is life.”

Cap’n Boysenberry and I went for a walk on the sea wall earlier, and we hopped the fence to get onto the jetty and lay on the seagull shit covered boards looking up. We talked about photographing fireworks and the lights of the financial district loomed large behind us. Yerba Buena was wreathed in fog like a tattered bowler hat, and the top of the Bay Bridge was swallowed in a swath of fog. The Bay was fairly still tonight, slapping against the pilings now and then while the woeful noise of foghorns bellowed out.

I don’t understand why they try to keep us away from such delights. I wonder if the Navy is aware that the citizens of the Island are like a herd of curious cats, into and around everything in sight.

When we got back to the Island we opened a bottle of Frey and busted out the board games. The wine seemed somewhat flat and immature, lacking as I am in the proper terminology for describing wine. But there seemed to be no real body behind the wine. Perhaps it slipped away into the night like most of last year seems to have done.

I’m not sure what lies ahead today, this week, this year. But I have a feeling that something excellent is in store.

I wonder, would you like to look at my record collection?