Lazy Friday

Today was the sort of day when it seems advisable to cling close to home, with the City overwhelmed by Black Friday sales. Having worked in retail on Black Friday, I try to stay clear of our monuments of capitalism to avoid trampling and stress, although I’m sure it’s amusing. The Chronicle had a feature on people who arrive early to shop, clustering around doors in the wee hours of the morning to be the first into such and such a store. I’m so glad I don’t work in retail anymore. Good god.

We woke up around noon and had some leftovers before wandering around on the Island for awhile. We explored the pool, which has some amazing graffiti right now, and then ambled out along the sea wall. We ran into a few people on our travels and smiled and nodded while the warm sun blazed overhead and a refreshing breeze nipped at our ankles. It was a beautiful day.

We hooked up with the Cap’ns and began a feast of leftovers, which continues even as I write. Various foods are scattered about the kitchen counters, cats are fat on stolen foods, and Harry Potter plays on the television screen. It’s a good day for doing nothing at all, not reading the papers or answering the phone or caring about anything except whether or not I can fit another mouthful of mashed potatoes down my throat.

Survey says yes.