Laura Splan

Laura Splan makes art.

Really cool art.

Most of her work plays with themes around the body, blood, hospitalization, crafting. Her work is distinctive, unique, and might make some viewers feel a little uncomfortable or squicky. Unlike Bodyworlds, her art is not educational, persay, although it does provoke a response. It is evocative, haunting art which I would love to see in person.

You should check out her site. I particularly like the Blood Scarf, a piece which requires some interaction and sacrifice from the wearer. The idea of clothing which takes from you while it warms you, of a scarf that slowly kills you…I love it. I also like the Exam Gown, a strike at the depersonalized hosptial environment, and way more stylish than most exam gowns I have been exposed in.

She does a great deal of work with blood, which intrigues me in this era of fear and biohazard. Where did the blood come from? How does she handle it in her workspace? What kinds of tools does she use? I think about this while I ponder her wallpaper made from blood.

She’s the ultimate gothic artist, with a stylish website to boot.

I think I might need to be her when I grow up.