Kids on Ice

So yesterday after being intensely fat and sleeping for most of the day, we decided to go ice skating.

I haven’t been ice skating since college, and everyone else hadn’t been ice skating since they were kids. I vaguely remembered being decent at ice skating, albeit drunk most of the times I tried it, which may have had something to do with it. But we rounded up our long pants and got ready for action at the Yerba Buena Center.

Yerba Buena usually has two public skates a day, and we went to the late one yesterday and rented shoes. (So, uhm, yeah, if you were there and saw us wobbling around the rink, take pity.) Cap’n Raspberry and I rented figure skates, which have little teeth on them, while Puff and the Scarab rented hockey skates, without teeth.

First lesson of the day: skates without teeth are better when you don’t really know what you’re doing, because the Cap’n and I kept inadvertantly almost crashing as the ice caught on the teeth of our blades.

getting ready to ice skate

The Scarab and the Cap’n getting ready to ice skate, with their serious faces on. They were easy to find on the rink because the Cap’n was the only one in military fatigues and the Scarab was the only one with a giant mohawk. Small children scattered before them. Or maybe those particular children just weren’t very good skaters.

puff and scarab holding hands while ice skating

Alas, most of the awesome pictures didn’t come out because the lighting is poor. Most of my pictures consist of blurs whirring around a white background, which is not exactly scintillating viewing. Puff and Scarab held hands for a few rounds, until they fell down.

We all fell down, actually. Only the Cap’n was lucky enough to fall down into an attractive lady, however. (He told me he didn’t ger her number…fool!) I fell once full out on my hands, thank God for gloves, and had a couple of close calls.

It was a little be demoralizing to realize that I was not, in fact, even vaguely good at ice skating, while all these little kids whizzed past doing triple lutzes, skating backwards, and what not. There were a few wobbly ones being dragged around by their parents, which looked fun. But most of them were on top of it, serious and focused in their alarmingly short little ice skating skirts, going around me as I painstakingly skated my way around the ice.

kids on ice

This picture is blurry, but it is in fact the gang, right before public skate closed, skating in unison, looking proud of themselves. We all kind of got into our groove, the Cap’n most successfully, I think, and by the end the gang was moving around quite nicely.

Not as nicely as the “ICE PATROL” in their snazzy orange jackets, surrounded by groupies, of course.

the ice crew

Here they all are at the end of the skate, with their happy ice faces.

I have a feeling that this may become a regular tradition.

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