For the Hell of It

Puff and I were feeling particularly like tourists this weekend, so we decided to take the cable car to Ghirardelli Square for ice cream.

First we wandered around downtown on an assortment of errands, waiting for the other household to mobilize and join us for our San Francisco adventure. We ambled through the Farmer’s Market at Civic Center, where we ogled a variety of produce and bought some grapes. I grazed at the Indian food stall for awhile, because they kept handing me free samples, and was only pulled away from the area by force. Most of the produce is looking pretty sad these days, but there were a few tasty looking comestibles. And persimmons. Oh, persimmons.

We got on board the cable car at the Powell Street stop, where I discovered that the Fast Pass is indeed a thing of beauty and a joy forever, because I didn’t need to pay an addition fare to ride the cable car. I was filled with a sense of deep inner joy when I flashed my Fast Pass at the conducter while the tourists delved around in their pockets for bills.

Puff, Scarab, and I were the last people on the car, so we got to stand on the back, which was awesome. We could see the City pulling away behind us as we moved up Powell Street. And then we almost got kicked off at Geary because we helped someone to hop on. Apparently you are not allowed to hop onto the cable cars anymore because people kept falling and then suing the City. I really have to wonder about intelligence levels sometimes.

Luckily we smoothed things over with the brakeman and had a pleasant trip to the Square. It was quite fun. I don’t think I had ever been on one of the cable cars before, despite them being a San Francisco institution and all. The cars move very slowly, so the City drifted by us while the balmy weather felt nice. The most excellent part was when we went down a steep, steep hill and saw a stunning view of the Bay. Fun times.

I had a hot brownie sundae with cookie dough ice cream. The brownie was too sweet so I pawned it off on Cap’n Raspberry, but the rest of the concoction was quite good. I do like me some ice cream. Mmmm.

Afterwards, I wandered around by the waterfront, checking out the tall ship that is docked there and sprawling on the grass for awhile. It was a lazy and excellent sort of day, and the sort of one which I feel is destined to be repeated.

Camera update: so far I have received $150 in donations from anonymous, J, and Puff. Wouldn’t you like to join them so that the next time I go on a cable car adventure I can take pictures for you? If you contribute funds to my PayPal account in the care of meloukhia at gmail dot com, be sure and let me know if you would like a public credit on the site, or if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

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