Election Results…

Are slowly trickling in.

The New York Times has excellent coverage of election results, with a state by state breakdown for House, Senate, and Gubernatorial seats as well as a nationwide overview. While I am not a Democrat, I sincerely hope that they gain control of the House and Senate, in the hopes that some effective change might start occurring.

It’s also very eye opening to look at the graphics by population. For example, Republicans are actually a pretty small, but vocal minority. As Brendan points out, however, the Republicans are very adept at getting the vote out by getting controversial measures on the ballot. I agree with him that the Democrats would be wise to adopt this strategy, although I am not sure what sort of measures would mobilize the vast majority of voters who identify as Democratic. The sad fact is that Republicans are more politically active than Democrats and the nonaligned are.

For California, the Secretary of State will start posting election results here after 8:00 PM, when the polls close here.

International readers, hang in there. The election mania will be over soon. Although I do think it’s important to look at election results for other nations, particularly one like the United States which has come to dominate global politics. This election is going to have an effect on numerous issues, including the war in Iraq, global warming, and other matters of global importance.

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