Close Call

There was an election party.

Oh, how there was.

First of all, I’m pleased that the Democrats took the house, and now hold a majority of the governor’s offices as well. I was stoked to see than Santorum has been wiped from the floor of the Senate, and that South Dakota rejected the barbaric abortion ban. 85 looks like it’s going to fail, and I hope it stays that way. It feels like real changes are happening.

At press time, which also happened to be bed time, three races were going uncalled: Montana, Virginia, and Hawaii.

Hawaii, it seems, will go to the Democrats, with Akaka winning by over 60% when I checked the state elections board for Hawaii. Likely so with Virginia as well, with 99.75% of precincts reporting and Webb winning by a narrow margin. Like, really narrow. If every one of the people in that margin gave me a dollar, I couldn’t pay off my credit cards. I’m nervous that the race hasn’t been called yet, because that seems to bode ill. Montana seems more questionable, leaning Democrat right now but with enough precincts unreported for the result to hang in the balance.

It is my fervent hope to wake up and see the above three states a healthy, joyous blue, like bouncing baby boys, oh yes. To have a Democratic majority in the House and Senate seems like it would pave the way to some sort of systemic change, if the Democrats will grow a pair. I think this election shows, if nothing else, that there is nationwide discomfort with the current system, and a small stirring desire for change.

It sounds like Virginia may be subject to a recount, which would be a disaster. I think we all learned after 2000 that recounts make the populace restless. Concede, Mr Allen, and call it good, for the love of Pete.

Congratulations, by the way, Honorable Nancy Pelosi, first female speaker of the House: I hope you shake things up a bit.

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