Well That Sounds Like a Good Idea

So I staggered awake around noon today because some gormless little shit was ringing my doorbell repeatedly and then running away. I unscrewed the infernal device so it wouldn’t ring anymore but I figured as long as I was up I should probably check the news, before returning to the blissful folds of my sheets.

I was astounded to read this article in the Chronicle. Now, as we know, I’m not a big party girl, but even I can see that this looks like a terrible, terrible idea. Halloween in the Castro is a time honored tradition for many, some of whom are traveling great distances to partake in the joyousness. A poorly publicized plan to shut down the party early is going to end in tears before bedtime.

To begin with, I find any sort of campaign where people are encouraged to go to other districts of the City somewhat tasteless. The argument for trying to shut down Halloween in the Castro is that it’s disruptive and dangerous…wouldn’t these qualities hold true in other parts of the City as well? Why should the Mission, the Haight, or anywhere else be forced to deal with displaced revelers from the Castro? This kind of not in my backyard attitude is foolish.

Secondly, disrupting a forty year old tradition is going to ruffle some feathers. Ruffling feathers, especially drunk ones, is not a good plan. While the Castro reveling does get exuberant, if the claim of 300,000 people last year is correct…that’s going to be a lot of angry, drunken people who are not going to be pleased about an attempt to shut down by 10:30.

It’s preposterous to try to shut down an event which is, in many ways, a spontaneous street gathering. Over the years, Halloween in the Castro has been streamlined, in an attempt to deal with the heavy volume of people—all of whom would be there either way, because it’s tradition. Short of creating a police barricade, people cannot be kept out…and that seems like a dangerous waste of City funds. And an awesome way to piss off the voters before the election. Good going, kiddos!

I wasn’t sure about going to the Castro party this year, since it includes several things I strongly dislike: groups of over three, drunk people, and pay toilets. But now I feel obligated to go, because I have a sense this is going to be quite the fiasco…

[Halloween in the Castro]