Vex Me

The inaugural game of Scrabble was played on Treasure Island last night, between myself and one of the roommates, who will henceforth be known as Puff to distinguish her from La Chiquita, the other roommate.

So Puff and I played some Scrabble. It was a close game. If I hadn’t ended up with all the high scoring letters, I think she probably would have won. Fun times were had by all, while we watched Run Silent, Run Deep and ate snickerdoodles.

scrabble board

Next time, there will be an interhousehold challenge, in which we will severely beat The Boys six ways from Sunday.


One Reply to “Vex Me”

  1. So you imagine yourself a Scrabble champion, do you? I don’t see a bingo on that board, babycakes! Get yourself over to Oakland for some real competition, or at least someone who’s really, really competitive. (That would be me.)

    So anyway, missed you at the meat-up. I was hoping to compare notes on “Fast Food Nation” and our apparently mutual idolization of the two beaky, bald food detectives.

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